(Community Supported Agriculture)

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a growing social and agricultural movement that encourages small farm preservation and profitability by directly linking local growers with local community members.  Over the last 10 years or so the concept is slowing gaining momentum here in Australia, and a lot of growers are offering this community minded concept to consumers as awareness and interest grows in connecting the food we eat to the places it comes from and the people who grow it.

Basically, interested community members sign up for a share of a farm's harvest during the growing season. They pay in advance which supports their farmer and reserves their “share” of freshly harvested farm produce.  Members receive weekly or fortnghtly boxes, or come to a designated spot to pick up their share

When you join a CSA you get some pretty terrific benefits. You get..... 

  • To know your farmers personally.

  • To know exactly where your food comes from (even see it growing!).

  • To eat healthy, organically grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

  • To support a local farm, preserving our essential rural environment.

  • To keep your hard earned money working in your community.

CSA farms are good for the farmer, good for the consumer, and good for the land. 

The Red Ochre Organic Farm CSA

Joining the CSA at Red Ochre Farm means you are sharing in our seasonal harvest.  You share in both the risks and rewards of farming alongside us, your farmers!  We provide you with complete transparency with how we grow your food, where we grow it and invite you to visit the farm to see your food growing in the ground for yourself.  We will have days where you can come and help on the farm, we will get to know you on a first name basis, and we welcome you into our farming family.  It really is a fantastic way to connect with your food and it's almost like having a personal food grower! We are always happy to talk about our methods and what we are doing on the farm to ensure your produce is grown organically and with no synthetic or chemical inputs or sprays. 

So what does seasonal mean?

As consumers we are used to most of our fresh foods being available all year round.  This is largely due to supermarkets importing "fresh" produce and making it available to you all of the time.  Being a seasonal farm means we grow food in it's naturally perfect climatic conditions. This gives your food amazing nutrient content, taste, look and flavour!! Once you try food the way nature intended you won't go back to buying that awful artificially ripened stuff.


Our CSA Program is currently on hiatus while we establish our new growing space. We anticipate starting the CSA again in January 2020!


Please email us to register your interest in our next CSA! 

You will receive a priority sign-up email prior to launch of the CSA.

Spring 2018 CSA. (12weeks)

Frequently asked questions about the CSA:

How can I tell if CSA is a good choice for me and my family?

Do you enjoy cooking at home, or want to learn? Do you like the flavors and challenges of seasonal eating and the idea of committing to your food producers? Then CSA could be great for you!

If you are the sort of person who likes to have a more rigid menu planned for the week, then this may not be the right choice!  The produce will change week to week. Keep in mind this is seasonal eating, so not everything will be available out of season.

Can I choose what I receive in my share/box?

As we grow seasonally and the contents of the share will vary week to week depending on what is ready for harvest it is not possible to choose what you will receive.  If you would like to still support us (and we would absolutely LOVE you to) you can buy exactly what you want from us directly from our online store

Can I pick my own produce from your farm?

At the moment this is not something we can offer. However, we are working on having days where you are able to come and pick your own produce directly from our farm. 

What happens if I am on holidays?

There are a couple of options when you go on holidays and cannot pick up or receive your box of produce.  You can nominate a friend or family member to pick it up or receive it in your absence, please let us know at least one week before your holiday so we can help you with your options.  You are also welcome to donate your box contents, which we will do on your behalf to a local charity (yet to be chosen by us).

Can I split my share/box up?

You are welcome to share the cost of your box with someone if you choose to do so.  Any arrangements like this will need to be made outside of our box scheme.

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